The purpose of the Association shall be to provide professional development for persons who have responsibility for ministry guidance, a forum for sharing information and establishing professional standards for ministry guidance, fellowship and inspiration for members, and communication about ministry guidance among Baptists.


We value ministry.  God-called and gifted servants hold a stewardship of their calling and gifts.  This organization values the actual practice of ministry as an indispensable part of ministerial training and education, beyond the classroom and into the ministerial field.  Certain vital lessons in ministry are gained only in the crucible of ministerial experience.

We value mentorship.  Time spent with a mentor promotes better ministry.   Ministerial training is best achieved through the personal supervision of a "wisdom consultant," someone who is a little farther down the road.  While the student is practicing ministry, a good mentor can help prevent some mistakes and learn from others, correct bad habits and develop good habits, sharpen skills and develop new ones, evaluate experiences and encounters, and provide encouragement towards excellence in ministry.  This organization values training ministers through personal guidance and mentorship.

We value personal growth.  Personal spiritual and professional growth is vital for all those given the task of training ministers.  There is always more to learn and ways to enhance our knowledge and skills.  This organization values the disciplined personal growth of all ministry guidance professionals, no matter how long they have been at the task.  We exist to encourage, stimulate, and provide accountability for those desiring to grow personally and to pursue excellence in the practice of ministry guidance.